What up all. I'm from the Detroit suburbs, and ever since I learned of my PROUD NEGRO HERITAGE (great-great-great... relative), I have felt a connection to MOTHER AFRICA. I am ecstatic to no longer be alone, and among my true brothers. Peace; love; keep it real, yo.
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Texas is the home of the players and pimps

I think it's wiggity-whack that white people are always playin with my fro. Can't a brotha have his shit tightened up with out all them crackas trying to steal my hurr grease to cook they dinner? Dayum.

So, any shortys out there wanna holla at me? hit me up @ 535-867-5309
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Yo, skanklord, looks like I's the victor
'Cause I hit you wit' a 12 on the scale o' Richter.
Even though a bunch o' yo rhymes wuz lame
I say word up, my nigga, and good game.

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Yo skanklord, da rap battle be commencin forthwith knaamean? You da admin, so you gets da spit da first rhymes.
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I, jazzriff, hereby declare to you, skanklord, that we's a gon' be havin' a illin' online mc battle 'tween da 2 of us startin' Tuesdey. Shit ain't over 'till one of us gives up, and anybody who wants ta be breakin' inta da middle of it had best be a shorty postin' n00dz, otherwise they be in violation knowumsayn? And nuttin' we say in it's fo' serious knaamean? It just a game. Sheeit.

Christmas: nuther honkey holiday

Well dis be Bullet-Master phunk, representin from da West side o' Hartferd, and I jes wanted to be sayin dat dis is teh time of year dat whitey really tries to beat me an' my bruthas down. I mean, Santa Claus, whatchogot there is a big fat WHITE man what goes around bringin' presents to all them little white-bread cracker-kids, an leaven out me and my fello man. But den what they got for us? Coal. yeah, dats right, whitey be brining coal? Why cuz it's black, so it's bad. Y'all ever seen a black man playin' St. Nick at the mall for dey kiddie-photos? Hell no! And why not. I know pleanty o my big-boys got teh body type and teh jolly good nature shit. Dey's be making teh perfict "santa." But no, dey's black. An it always be coming back to teh one simple thing:

"Whitey wanna keep me and my black man down!"

Even dey snow that they gots is white. Jesus was black, but we all got whitey-honkey Christmas shit going down. Rudoplh the red-nosed raindeer? What d'hell be wrong with a black-nosed raindeer? Oh yah, that's right, because he be boastin' a black nose and we can't have black at Christmas time. I saw wese all be gettin our fellow BLACK man (and sistahs) and be having us a real-true BLACK holiday. Who'all be wit me here?

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Yo, here's my latest lines. Look familiar don't it? Sho', it ain't got rhyme or rhythm, but hell, I did it fo' da lolz. Word.

Our daddy who be illin’ up in the H-crib, we holla at you and yo kingdom come. Thy will be illin’ on earth like it be up dere in yo heavenly crib. Be givin’ us nah some tasty shit. And don’t git all up in our stees cuz we be bustin’ caps in a few wankstas, but be chill; if they didn’t start no shit, wouldn’t be no shit. And don’t be teasin’ us wit’ some shit we can’t pull, but save us from Da Man who be bringin’ us down. Word up, my niggah.

new usah

Yo I'd like to welcome our new memba imabrotha_mofos; he be mad chill. Soon this here club gon' be happenin, knaamean? My peeps gon' git this house jumpin. Just watch.
I'm so smurf


Wazzup, my wiggaz!?!!? Don't be hatin'. I be a black soul incarcinated in a honkey body. My "true form" be dat of a gansta rapper named Skank! Keepin' it real! I first awaked when I listened at NWA and Public Enemy on da radio. Old School!!! Peeps don't be acceptin of my religion and shit. Says I crazy, thinks I a brutha. But da bruthakin be here ta stay.

What about them otherkin homos? Think they a bunch of elfs and santa claude and shit? The bruthakin gonna kick da shit out of them heads.