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bruthakin's Journal

Newly Awakened Bruthakin and other friendly people
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For all those black souls trapped in white, asian, hispanic or "assorted other" bodies. Kind of like furries and otherkin, without the geeks.

9mm, affirmative action, afrokin, air jordans yo, american idol, anti-furry, anti-otherkin, antiques, azn, baby got back, backwards baseball caps, bass fishing, bass playing, beastie boys, beats, big baggy pants, big butts, bill clinton, bill cosby, black inside, black privilege, black supremacy, bling, bob marley, bottle fulla bud, bouncin', brotherkin, brown sugar, bruthakin, burn hollywood burn, colin powell, condoleezza rice, crack babies, crackers, damon albarn, darth vader, deep frying, def poetry jam, diversity, don't be hatin', drag queens, dragonkin, elves, elvis, eminem, ethnic studies, fo shizzle, furries, furry, gansta, gat, ghetto girls, gimmie gimmie foodstamps, good times, grand theft auto, hippity hop, hollaring, honkeys, hood hos, hugs, i'm down, interelationship racials, jennifer lopez, jeremy piven, jesus was black, kenny g, kin, kunta kinte, kwanzaa, madonna, major tom, mali-booty, malibu's most wanted, mallrats, malt liquor, meatwad, michael jackson, mike d, million man march, minstrel shows, naacp, naomi campbell, nubians, old navy, oreo cookies, otherkin, paul wall, pimp my ride, polymorphology, poseurs, quentin tarantino, racial quotas, representin', reverse reverse racism, rims, robbin' liquor stores, sammy davis junior, scientology, shapeshifting, simon le bon, slim shady, special rights, spiffs, spike lee, sports jerseys, stan getz, sting, street cred, sweet chocolate bitches, sweet potato pie, tap dat ass, tarcasian, tarcasians, teef, the gap, the jeffersons, therian, throwing gang signs, tiger woods, token, trashbags as furniture, uncle tom, underrepresentin', vanilla ice, welfare checks, werenegroes, white boyz, white chocolate, white suburban punks, wiggaz, wiggers, will smith, yomotherkin